2023's Best Open-end Stroker

The Top 10 Best Open-end Strokers Of 2023

Written by Mitchell Harris


Verdict: A high-quality product that offers great satisfaction, but may be a bit tight for those above average in size. Perfect for single individuals or couples looking to add some excitement.

The product we are reviewing has garnered generally favorable remarks from users who appreciate its effectiveness and value for money. One user mentioned that it was great for single individuals, and another user even shared their enjoyable and entertaining experience in a narrative form. In addition, a customer who bought this item as a surprise for her boyfriend  reported that they both love using it, although it was a bit tight for someone above average size.

On the other hand, the critical review highlighted that the user found the opening a bit too small and needed to put it on semi-soft to use it, even if they considered themselves on the higher side of average size. Despite this, they still found the product to work well, even in water.


Functionality: Users have praised the product for its effectiveness and satisfying results.
Affordability: The product is highly regarded for its great value for the price
Versatility: Positive reviews indicated that the product could be used and enjoyed by both singles and couples.
Works well in water: Even users who faced sizing issues mentioned the product's functionality when used underwater.


Sizing issues: Some users have mentioned that the opening may be too tight for those with above-average sizing.
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#2 Foreglad

Verdict: The product offers a powerful stroking motion and easy cleaning, but may be too small for some users and has potential for malfunction.

This innovative product provides a powerful stroking experience, though some users may find its petite size to be limiting. It has a sturdy and thoughtful design, offering the convenience of being easy to clean and discreet for travel purposes. Users appreciate that it can provide pleasure without requiring cleanup inside the toy itself. Despite its many positive features, a user reported a malfunction of the product, requiring them to pursue a replacement under the manufacturer's warranty.


 Unique stroking sensation
Compact and discreet for travel
Easy to clean
Sturdy design
Open end for convenience


Might be too small for some users
Powerful motion can cause awkward handling
One user reported a malfunction within a short time of purchase
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Verdict: The product provides intense pleasure for men and has been well-received by users, although it may not be suitable for everyone. The seller is proactive in ensuring customer satisfaction.

 The majority of users have been extremely satisfied with this product, reporting that it significantly increased pleasure for their partners, who may not have been interested in such toys initially. This product's easy-to-use and portable design has garnered praise, making it convenient and accessible for users. However, as with any product, it is important to note that it may not be suitable for everyone, and individual preferences should be taken into consideration. The seller was commended for their proactiveness in addressing consumer satisfaction through prompt refunds.


Increases pleasure, with many users noting its effectiveness
Easy-to-use and portable design
Responsiveness of the seller in addressing consumer satisfaction


May not be suitable for everyone's preferences
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Verdict: This toy is praised for being well-made, lightweight, and versatile, providing users with a highly enjoyable experience. However, some may find the size and firmness of the material not suitable for their preferences.

 This product has received mostly positive reviews for its well-made and realistically designed structure. Many users have found great pleasure and satisfaction in their experience with the toy, noting that it feels quite similar to the real thing. It is also easy to clean, with some even using brushes designed for baby bottles. One user suggested adding a vibrating toy to the other side for an enhanced and more exciting experience.

However, there have been some concerns regarding the fit and material of the toy. One user noted that the hole seems to be larger than other sleeves they've tried, and the material may be too firm for some. Despite its clear and transparent design, this user did not find it to be a satisfactory experience overall.


Realistic feel and design
Easy to clean
Can be used with other toys for added enjoyment


Fit may be too large for some users
Material may be too firm for some preferences
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#5 Mesterstar

Verdict: This affordable and versatile male toy delivers an impressive experience with its dual-ended design, distinct canals, and adjustable tightness. However, the product may have some minor drawbacks in design and ease of use.

This dual-ended sleeve-style toy stands out from the competition due to its transparent design and the unique twisting feature that allows for adjustable tightness to one's preference. Two distinct canals provide a variety of sensation experiences, and the clear design adds visual stimulation. However, some users may find the initial insertion, especially at the vaginal opening, to be slightly difficult and the process of removing and re-inserting the sleeve for cleaning to be challenging. Despite these minor drawbacks, the toy remains an affordable, effective option for those looking to experiment or expand their collection.


Two distinct canals for a variety of sensations
Transparent design for visual stimulation
Unique twisting feature for customizable tightness
Affordable price


Difficulty in initial insertion at the vaginal opening
Challenging to remove and re-insert the sleeve for cleaning
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#6 Selver

Verdict: This male sleeve stands out due to its high-quality material, adjustable tightness, and excellent performance. It may have a minor issue with retaining heat, but it remains a fantastic value for the price.

This well-priced product offers exceptional value due to its grade A material, which is soft, smooth, heat-receptive, and easy to clean. The thickness of the sleeve is optimal, resulting in a comfortable experience without feeling your hand around it. A unique adjustable band provides customizable tightness, allowing users to personalize the experience. However, it is essential to avoid using silicone-based lubricants to ensure the product's longevity.

The toy's texture offers a semi-anatomical pattern that is both enjoyable and effective. Although the product's outer swirl pattern can be used reversibly, users must exercise caution and use proper lubrication on the strap to avoid potential wear and tear. The product may not be as high-end as some alternatives, but it certainly delivers impressive results. One minor drawback is its tendency to become cold somewhat easily, which can be remedied by warming it up before use. Overall, this product is highly recommended for personal use or as a gift for a partner.


High-quality, soft, and smooth material
Adjustable band for customizable tightness
Easy to clean
Attractive price
Compatible with other soft sleeves
Reversible with proper lubrication


Potential for wear and tear on the strap if not properly lubricated
Requires warming up before use due to its tendency to get cold easily
Incompatible with silicone-based lubricants
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Verdict: This high-quality product offers an intensely pleasurable experience with adjustable suction control and grip, making it suitable for both solo and partnered use. Its compact design allows for discreet travel, though some users may find the suction too intense for their preference

The product is superb in quality and an excellent addition to one's collection. It feels surprisingly good and can be used with or without the hard plastic sheath; the plastic sheath allows users to control the suction for a more sensational experience, while using it without the sheath permits to adjust the grip for desired intensity. The open-ended design is preferable as it avoids excessive suction that could cause discomfort. The product is easy to clean and dry, with its hard shell and protective caps providing convenient storage. Compact and unassuming in size, this toy fits perfectly into a valise or backpack for discreet travel. It is a fantastic option for solo use or can be enjoyed with a partner for added pleasure.


High-quality material and construction
Adjustable suction and grip for varying intensity
Open-ended design avoids excessive suction
Easy to clean and store
Compact and discreet for travel
Suitable for solo or partnered use


May require liberal use of lubricant
Some may find the experience too intense
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Verdict: This manual adult toy for men delivers exceptional pleasure, features a sleek and ergonomic design, and is highly discreet. Its high-quality material enhances the experience while remaining easy to clean and maintain.

This manual adult toy for men offers an exceptional and satisfying experience, providing users with intense pleasure and excitement. A sleek, ergonomic design ensures comfortable and easy handling, while the manual operation allows for control over intensity and speed. Made from high-quality material, the toy is durable and easy to clean, ensuring continued enjoyment.

Users appreciate the discreet storage case and the easy-to-use design, which is adaptable for various preferences. The option to remove the outer casing ensures a fully customizable fit for individual comfort. Additionally, the ability to take the toy on-the-go makes it a convenient addition to any solo play routine.

Highly recommended for those seeking a powerful and satisfying experience, the value and pleasure offered by this manual adult toy for men are truly worth the investment.


Sleek, ergonomic design
Manual operation for full control
High-quality, durable material
Easy to clean and maintain
Discreet storage case
Adaptable fit
Suitable for travel


May be tight for some users (can be adjusted by removing the outer casing)
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Verdict: This male masturbator delivers an unparalleled suction experience, offering various speed settings and easy cleaning. Despite some skepticism, users report satisfaction with its comfortable grip and user-friendly design.

This toy has captured the attention of many users, offering a soft and versatile experience that can be enjoyed both alone and with a partner. Its double open end sets it apart from other toys in the market, allowing for a customized experience each time it is used. The multiple pre-set patterns and controllable movement add to this customization and make it the perfect hybrid toy. Furthermore, it is easily cleaned after use and conveniently does not require batteries. However, some users have expressed that it may not be suitable for those who are well-endowed but found that it can still get the job done.


Soft and versatile
Can be used with or without a partner
Double open end
Customizable settings and movements
Easy to clean
Does not require batteries


May not be suitable for well-endowed users
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Verdict: This product features various spinning modes, a waterproof design, and an open-ended design, making it a great hands-free device for average-sized members. However, it can be a bit loud, difficult to hold, and may require more lubricant than expected.

This hands-free adult toy offers an enjoyable experience with its various spin modes, including non-stop spinning and multiple spin-stop patterns. The motor is suitable for average-sized members but may face resistance with larger girths, possibly slowing the device or coming to a complete stop. Battery life is generally sufficient, lasting approximately an hour, though it does require a 3-hour charge time. The ease of charging through the magnet charger is appreciated, however, the placement of the charging pins could be improved. Cleanup is simple, with the open-ended design and removable sleeve aiding in the process. Users are advised to utilize a considerable amount of lubrication to maximize comfort during use.


Multiple spin modes for varied stimulation.
Decent battery life of approximately one hour.
Easy cleanup with open-ended design and removable sleeve.
Water-based lubrication compatible.


Motor may struggle with larger girths, potentially affecting spin speed.
Placement of charging pins could be improved for convenience.
Requires significant lubrication for optimal comfort.
Battery charge time is on the longer side at 3 hours.
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