2024's Best Stroking Machines

The Top 3 Best Male Masturbators Of 2024:
These Stroking Machines will blow your mind

Written by Mitchell Harris on January 9th, 2024 [ADVERTORIAL]

I've been testing male sex toys for the last 5 years but 2024's newest and best toy has got me losing my mind. The technology powering the current generation of automatic male masturbators has advanced to the point where they're arguably more pleasurable than real sex, and feel incredibly similar.

The days of male toys being stigmatized are numbered, as these toys have gotten so good that any sane, secure man would be silly to not invest in one. So please enjoy this review. I hope it helps you pick the best automatic stroker for yourself so you can elevate your pleasure to bone-trembling levels in 2024.

What is a Stroking Masturbator anyway?

Whether you're a seasoned user of male masturbators or entirely new to this realm, there's always more to discover. If you've yet to experience these devices, fret not! While you may have missed out, my comprehensive guide promises to quickly bring you up to speed. Stay tuned for an enlightening journey into the world of male pleasure.


#1 Fleshy™ Thrust

The Best Vibration
The Best Stroking Machine
My Personal Choice
Detailed review

#2 Fleshy™ 3-in-1

Super Realistic Manual Sleeve
3 Channels for Penetration
Low Price
Detailed review

#3 AutoBlow

Honorable mention
Detailed review

You may be thinking, who is this guy? And why do I have to listen to him? So, I am Mitchell, I am 32 years old and I have been reviewing sex toys for men for the last 5 years. I've tested more than 200 different toys and I have developed a methodology for evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of sex toys. The trick finding the perfect toy for you is to focus your reading on specific qualities, not just chase after lists on Reddit or blogs that have affiliate links all over the place.

The Fleshy Thrust Totally Rocked My World!

I've been a big fan of Fleshy's cool gadgets since their Fleshy™ Pro. I've checked out like 15 different automatic male toys with motors, and let me tell you, the Fleshy™ Thrust is now at the top of my list. But remember, the best one for you depends on what you're into.

Guys, let me tell you about the Fleshy™ Thrust. This thing is a game-changer in the world of male toys. It's like the next level upgrade from the Fleshy™ Pro, and you can really tell the Fleshy™ team listened to what guys want.

First off, the stroking modes – there are 8 of them, and they're all mind-blowing. They go from super chill and teasing to intense ones that'll have you over the moon in no time. Trust me, play around with these and you're in for a wild ride.

And the heating feature – total lifesaver. Remember how we used to warm up those sleeves in water? Forget that hassle. Just hit the heat button on the Fleshy™ Thrust and it gets to this perfect cozy temp of 42 degrees. You can pick out a video or get comfortable while it heats up.

Oh, and the vibes! There are nine different vibration modes. If you mix and match them with the stroking settings, you've got like 72(!) different ways to have fun. That's crazy variety, right? Plus, the battery life is solid. I'm not a quick shooter and used it for three days straight on one charge, and it didn't even blink. Seriously, if you're looking for something new, the Fleshy™ Thrust is worth checking out.

Don't know how to read?
Scroll down a bit to watch my VIDEO review of the Fleshy Thrust™!

Watch the Review

Getting the most out of your Fleshy Thrust™ experience

Use lubrication. You don’t wanna screw a chick who’s dry as the Sahara so why would you want to do it to anything else? Make sure you get a good quality, water-based lubricant so you can slip and slide easily inside. Not only will it save you some chafing on your manhood, but it’s going to feel real, real good.

Play around with positions and settings. Be creative. It’s not every day you get to call all the shots when it comes to getting your penis sucked, so take advantage of it! Try different positions. Play around with the speed settings, and see what really gets you off!

Use visual stimulation. This is key for me. The male masturbators can feel as tight or as wet as they want, but until I throw on a little porn to watch while in the act I feel like sometimes they take too long to make me reach orgasm. But when I’m watching my favorite porn stars get rammed it makes the entire experience so much more enjoyable.

The Fleshy™ Thrust is a Game-Changer in Male Pleasure!

Let's chat about the sleeve on the Fleshy™ Thrust – it's seriously something else. You know how some sleeves feel kinda off? Not this one. It’s super realistic, almost like actual skin, which makes the whole experience way more intense. They've nailed the texture, making it soft yet durable, so it feels incredibly natural. And the inside? It's got all these unique patterns and shapes that hit all the right spots. It’s like they’ve thought of everything to ramp up the pleasure. Using it feels like you’re stepping into a whole new world of sensation. Trust me, this isn’t just any sleeve; it’s like the VIP section of male toys. The Fleshy™ Thrust really shows they know what they’re doing when it comes to making things feel good.

And the coolest part? It's totally automatic. Just set it up, and let it do its thing. You can play around with the 8 stroking modes and 9 vibration settings, but other than that, it's hands-free city. You've got full freedom to multitask – whether that's getting more hands-on with yourself, gaming, or browsing for your next favorite clip. The Fleshy™ Thrust gives you that ultimate freedom and a whole lot of fun!

One of the great things about hands-free male masturbators is that I can edge myself into a really intense orgasm (and learn to last longer when I make it into bed with a real hottie, too.) What I do is I pause the machine when I'm right about to finish, and wait a bit. Then I resume once I've calmed down. When I finally do let myself finish, I use the most powerful stroking speed, which feels like a girl is jumping on me and don't let me out  because she wants you to finish insider of her so badly. By edging in this way I've been able to improve my performance (how long I last) in real sex.

So all in all, if you’re looking for a real feel-good masturbator for men, and automation is something that you’re interested in, this is my top choice. It feels amazing, and it’s super easy to clean. You'll have a hard time finding another toy with such a realistic stroking sensation that your penis and vibrates your frenulum -- all hands-free!

Want to see it in action? Watch my very own video review of the Fleshy Thrust™ here

The flickering you see in the video is due to the video recording. There is no flickering in reality.

✅    Charging the Fleshy Thrust™
✅    How to use Vibration mode
✅    The incredible Stroking mode
✅    The Heating feature
✅    How to combine the 3 features to have bone-trembling mangasms
✅    How to clean

By the way, Fleshy™ products don't ship with anything that identifies the product on the label. The packaging is totally discreet. Your mailman won't know.


Hands free blowjob toy
Heavy duty motor
Interchangeable sleeves
Body-safe materials
Type-C charging (no batteries)
72(!) modes by a combination of vibration and stroking modes
High quality TPE


Bigger than usual male masturbator
No socket plug charger. There is only Type-C charger

Verdict: The Fleshy™ Thrust is not going to stay at this absurdly low price for long. I guarantee you this. Bookmark getfleshy.com and check again in 4 months.

Shop Now at GetFleshy.com

Fleshy™ 3-in-1: Triple the options for a stupid (low) price

The Fleshy™ 3-in-1 takes three wildly different sensations and packed them all into a single product.It’s the Deal of the Century. For a single low price, you’ll get oral, anal, and vaginal penetration. A bargain that can’t be beaten.

The toy’s design is sophisticated yet easy to use, thanks to high-quality materials and its advanced manufacturing process.

I’ve had my fair share of non-motorized male sex toys (also called "manual strokers") and none have been as pleasurable or satisfying as the Fleshy™ 3-in-1 when it comes to getting your money's worth.

The construction of the TPE toy is more complex than it might seem at first glance. Each orifice features realistic internal structures so you can tell, without even looking, which one it is that you are enjoying. The oral has teeth and a tongue, but the teeth are soft, not sharp, and they slide gently out of the way. The vagina has labia and a clit, while the anus has muscle-like rings that wrap tightly around your penis and grip it realistically.

The material, which is advertised as “high quality TPE,” is smooth where it should be resilient when needed, and extremely durable… even though I played with it so much, I never once felt that I had to worry about breaking it.

While the toy's spongy feel might, at first, seem unappealing because of its lack of structure or shell-like rigidity—it does warm up to your body temperature after use and develops a sort of skin-like texture that when pressed against feels almost human… finally a sex toy that is effective at what it's supposed to do, a major achievement in my opinion.

Although this toy does not have a hard plastic shell or stiff insides, which are common in other sex toys, because of the Fleshy™ 3-in-1’s well-designed handle, I never felt like it was in danger of flying out of my hand if I twisted or squeezed too hard.

I could always maintain a good grip on it and maintained perfect control at all times—in addition to making masturbation more enjoyable, holding the Fleshy™ 3-in-1 felt completely natural, almost as if it were an extension of my own hand, no matter what I did with it.

Don't let cleaning concerns keep you from enjoying this amazingly easy-to-wash sex toy. All you need is a little soap and warm water. You can also use a toy cleaner, which will make the process even easier. Just be sure to rinse it well and let it dry before putting it away.

And if you’re concerned about discretion, then Fleshy™ 3-in-1 will meet your needs. It arrives in a plain, unmarked package and is easy to hide or store away when necessary.

The biggest benefit of a male masturbator, though, is that it’s not plugged in. You can use it anywhere. This toy can be used safely and enjoyably in whatever way you want: shower, hot tub, ocean—whatever tickles your fancy.

The plus of this device is that, since it contains no electronic components and is made entirely from TPE, you should not have any trouble taking it through airport security. I wonder, though, how it would appear on a more advanced scanner.

The fact that the Fleshy™ 3-in-1 male masturbator is made so well, and works so well, but can be bought for such a low price is remarkable. I’ve tried and tested many similar toys, some of which cost 10 times what this one does but don't deliver half the pleasure.

If you’re looking for a sex toy that won’t make your wallet scream, look no further. This Fleshy™ 3-in-1 sex toy is your answer to “I want but cannot afford.” It is so flexible and provides such a fun experience that will let you get back to business and never have to fight for a refund! This toy is made with high-quality materials and offers numerous styles of use, making it the perfect sex toy for both beginners and experienced users.


3 holes for penetration
Super realistic
Very soft material
Compact, the perfect option if you are traveling
If you are a virgin, it could help you to prepare for sex


It's a bit tricky to clean
Drying out quite long time

Verdict: The Fleshy™ 3-in-1 is not going to stay at this absurdly low price for long. I guarantee you this. Bookmark getfleshy.com and check again in 4 months. If the prices haven't gone up I'll eat my own penis on camera.

Shop Now at GetFleshy.com

My Review of the AutoBlow AI

For women, the number of different types of sex toys available on the market is endless; but, for men, it's not as easy to find a great one. The ones that are available all require a lot of effort on your part, making it more like hard work than something you can enjoy. But the Autoblow AI changed all that. The Autoblow Ai is a men’s blowjob device that will revolutionize the way you have orgasms.

This toy, designed for men, creates a more lifelike blowjob experience than any other device on the market. It is easy to use, doesn't require batteries, and has a variety of exciting functions. If you're thinking about buying this toy, keep reading.

The most important thing to consider when buying a sex toy is whether or not it delivers the experience you're hoping for, since if you don't enjoy using the toy then there's really no point in spending money on it. With its thorough research and advanced technology, Autoblow AI meets these specifications. The device's materials and the way it grips your penis create a sensation that is as close to reality as possible for a sex toy.

This self-pleasuring device is simple to operate, even if you’re inexperienced with sex toys. Once you place your penis inside the sleeve, turn on the machine. The internal microprocessor and sensors control the pattern and speed of movement within the silicone, creating realistic sensations. You can alter the toy to create different sensations and control how quickly or slowly it moves.

The Autoblow AI machine is made with a frictionless dual-ridged silicone sleeve, which rests above and below an ABS carriage fitted with powerful motors. This device is equipped with a patented system of alternating patterns that deliver various gripping sensations, allowing users to enjoy the full range of penis-stroking possibilities.

This oral sex device is made of metal and could last for years. It has been redesigned to make it quieter than previous models, while still providing the same amount of power. However, this toy is not completely silent. And it gets noisier and louder as you increase patterns or speeds.

The Autoblow AI sex toy is one of the few products on today's market that combines advanced technology and decades of research into a product. This toy has a variety of settings and controls that allow it to be used by men who want constant stimulation without becoming bored.

This toy is equipped with features and functions that other toys do not have. And, since it comes with a handy wall plug that allows you to use the toy when needed, it’s worth giving a try.


Good blowjob modes
Controlled through the app


$300.....It's just expensive
The toy should be plugged while using
Pretty noise
Very hard to clean
Big and heavy device overall
It's not real AI. So, don't flatter yourself

Verdict: Autoblow is not the best option. If you have 300 dollars and are SURE, that you will not regret the money spent, then go ahead. If you have not used masturbators before, it is better to buy Fleshy™ Thrust or Fleshy™ 3-in-1. They are cheaper, and, in the case of Fleshy™ Thrust, more convenient to use.

How to Choose a Masturbator for Yourself

So there you go. My top 3 picks for the best masturbators for men of 2024. But still… how can you choose which is best for you? When choosing, there are a few key areas that you really need to pay attention to. They are:

What’s it made of?

This is especially important if you have any skin sensitivities. If you’re concerned about that, then be sure to get a toy that’s made from high quality TPE. But aside from skin sensitivities, you’re going to want to ensure that you’re buying a realistic-feeling, high quality material that isn’t going to break down after just a month of use. Buy only from reputable dealers and always look at reviews too.

Is it easy to clean?

Being able to easily clean your male masturbator is incredibly important – otherwise the thought of having to spend a bunch of time cleaning after your orgasm is going to make you simply not want to bother bringing it out in the first place! So make sure that it’s easy to clean. Look for toys that can be cleaned simply with soap and water, and when possible find sleeves that you can invert to make cleaning the inside that much easier.

How much does it cost?

This one directly depends on how much you’re willing (or able) to spend on your male masturbator. They range anywhere from 20 bucks to over 800 (and more if you start getting into some of thecrazy automated machines). So it’s important to not just think about how much you’re willing to spend, but to then research your options in that price range and make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck – literally. There are a ton of male masturbators out there priced at 10 bucks… but most of them suck. Again, not all – but most! So make sure you do your research, read reviews, and really try to get a feel for what’s out there and what would best suit your needs before throwing your hard-earned cash at it.

How does it feel?

Obviously, this is the most important. If it feels like crap, it’s not even really worth 10 bucks is it? So again, if you’re new to using male masturbators, you’re going to have to rely a lot on reviews – which doesn’t always make you feel super secure, especially if you’re about to spend $100 or more, right? So check out multiple sites, see what the people have to say, and then try to think what you would or wouldn’t like about the different sensations that people talk about in the reviews. One guy might complain that the toy feels too snug, and that might be just what you’re looking for.

That being said, there are obviously the major players in the game such as the Autoblow A.I.+ and the Kiiroo Onyx+ among many others – and they’re obviously not just selling out because they look cool – they feel good! So if you’re willing to fork out the dough, you can be pretty sure that you’re going to get a good orgasm coming your way if you stick with the big players.

Will it last?

This one actually kind of ties into what the toy is made of. Like the Lifetime Silicone Stroker for example is going to last you a very long time! In fact, it will likely live longer than YOU. Other toys that have that realistic skin feel even more life-like than silicone, but they’re going to have to be replaced eventually. Most of these masturbators for men come with replaceable sleeves, so if you have to buy a new one every year or two, it’s not a big deal – not like you’re replacing the entire device. But again, you need to be comfortable with it however you choose to go.

So. That pretty much sums it up. I hope my reviews and advice have made your search a little bit easier. Happy searching my friends. I wish you a happily ever after with whichever male masturbator you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I discreetly buy male masturbation toys?

The internet is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Long gone are the days where we had to walk into a store and talk to a real live salesperson about what sex toys we were looking for – red faced and talking way too fast from embarrassment. And of course, you’d never really say exactly what you wanted, because with this stranger staring at you, how do you really divulge your inner most sexual fantasies?

Then bam – the internet. Online we can explore every type of male masturbator out there- compare them, see them in action, learn real reviews. And so of course it only makes sense to buy them online too, right? Some of the most reputable sites are getfleshy.com, autoblow.com, and lelo.com.

All of these sites have, in my experience, excellent customer service, great return policies, high quality sex toys, and of course something so important – discreet packaging when they ship. They are very thorough in ensuring nobody can tell what’s inside the package.

What are penis masturbators made of?

Each male masturbation toy manufacturer has their own special compound that they use to create their sex toys. But that being said – they’re all a bit similar. Most of the toys are made out of an artificial material that does its best to mimic the feeling of real skin. Most often referred to as artificial skin, SuperSkin, or anything in between.

This material is incredibly soft and when mixed with a bit of lubrication it can really give the user the idea of being with a real woman. It’s pretty incredible how far they’ve come with these materials for the old plastic and rubber toys that originally flooded the market decades ago.

Other male masturbators are made of less realistic material, either because they’re going for a different effect, or because they want to cut out costs. If you’re looking for something that’s going to feel as realistic as possible, look for these high quality realistic materials.

How long do male masturbators last?

This depends on a few different factors. First of all, what kind of quality did you buy? It’s true, especially in the world of male masturbation toys, that you get what you pay for. If you’ve purchased a masturbation toy that was like 20 bucks – chances are it’s not going to last that long. On the other hand, machines like the Fleshy™ Thrust or the Autoblow A.I.+ are made with industrial-strength motors and can last upwards of 500 hours of playtime.

But, and this is a big but, it also depends largely on how well you take care of it. In order to create a realistic effect, the material of the sleeve skins is super smooth, and needs to be cared for properly. If you neglect your toy, or are overly rough with it, you could decrease the lifespan of your machine. On the other hand, by cleaning it and storing it properly after each use, you can prolong the life of the toy. Check the manual of any new toy for the proper care instructions. And with proper care, you can expect to have most quality toys for several years at least (unless of course, you’re using it several times a day and then you’re going to wear it out much faster)

Can I use a masturbation sleeve with my roommate?

This depends 100% on the relationship you have with your roommate, and is not something I can answer for you. If this is something that you’re considering, I would suggest talking to your roommate in depth about what each of your expects.

This also goes back to an earlier question regarding STDs. If you are ever planning on sharing your male masturbators with another person, it doesn’t matter whether they’re your roommate, partner, friend, etc., it’s important to know that they have been tested for STDs and STIs. Even when someone says “I know I’m fine. I always use a condom” condoms aren’t perfect, and so it’s important to get tested always.

You CAN clean the machines of course, but it’s still important to understand their sexual health so that you are limiting your risks.

If you are ever unsure about anything regarding these matters, speak to a doctor for more information.

How can I introduce male masturbators in a relationship?

Obviously, some people are more receptive to bringing toys into the bedroom than others. If you’re in a relationship, do your best to gauge how you think your partner would feel, and be conscious of their feelings when you approach the subject. Be prepared with the reasons why you think that this would benefit BOTH of you. Is it that one of you needs assistance finishing? Is just something that you want to try to have a bit of fun? What are you intentions behind it?

Also make sure that you’re introducing a toy that’s going to be fun for the both of you. Introducing or suggesting a fully-automated masturbator might not be as fun for your partner as a manual one that they could help you use. If you really do want to use an automated one, then make sure they’re getting something at the same time. Whether you’re going down on them while the machine goes down on you, or perhaps you bring in another toy for your partner, just ensure that the introduction of this toy doesn’t create a one-sided sex session that your partner will begin to resent you for.

Where should I store my sex toy?

Store your male masturbator anywhere that you feel comfortable doing so – as long it’s a dry space, and away from direct sunlight. If your blowjob device comes with its own case (many of them do) then that’s going to be your best bet. Then you can just put the entire thing away at the top of your closet, under your bed, or under your bedside table.

For the toys that don’t come with their own storage case, I devote my old shoeboxes to them. I keep just one toy in each box though, so that their skins don’t sit touching each other – this can wear away the material over time. And I line the boxes with an old t-shirt or rag, just to keep it not only soft inside, but nice and dry. I actually store most of those ones at the top of my hall closet – right in plain sight really – but nobody thinks anything of it. Shoeboxes at the top of a hall closet seem incredibly ordinary, and so I never have to worry about prying eyes.

Are there any masturbators for men that plug into the wall outlet?

There’s nothing worse than getting so close to orgasm and then your machine just stops – am I right? It’s seriously obnoxious. Even if you’ve got one of those ones with the internal rechargeable battery – you can’t always be 100% sure that you’re not going to run out of juice. And when you notice that the speed is lagging you start rushing your session just to finish before it inevitably dies out on you. Not fun.

The Fleshy™ Thrust has a rechargeable battery but it lasts 4+ hours on a single charge, so you don't need to worry about it dying so long as you remember to charge it on occassion.

The Autoblow A.I.+ plugs directly into the wall while you use it. The cord is plenty long enough so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck masturbating like, pressed up against the wall at the end of your room. Ha! Instead you can get comfortable pretty much anywhere – I’ve never had an issue with that. And then of course, you’re free to play as long as you wish. There’s truly something freeing about knowing that no matter what, you can have a masturbation session right then and there if you so choose – you don’t have to worry about forgetting to charge it, or worse – having to buy batteries!

What should I avoid when buying male masturbators?

In the world of sex toys, it’s true what they say – you get what you pay for! If you find a “male sex toy” for 20 bucks, I can tell you right now that it’s going to suck. And I don’t mean that in the good way. It’s going to be terrible. To create a toy that feels great and that will last any length of time, the materials to create it are going to cost way more than 20 bucks – so there’s no way you’re going to be able to purchase it for that! So – avoid anything that’s dirt cheap. The only exception to this is the Fleshy™ products. I have no idea why they're so cheap. The price will definitely go up soon.

It’s also a good idea to avoid anything that’s made out of rubber or plastic. These are old-school materials that people used to make sex toys decades ago. We’ve come a long way since then, so don’t even bother with them. Rubber and many types of plastic are porous and so they can keep and breed bacteria – not good. The newer materials not only feel much nicer, but they’re far more hygienic too.

In conclusion

Feature Fleshy™ Thrust Fleshy™ 3-in-1 Autoblow
Soft TPE
Weight (kg) 0.79 0.4 1.4
Number of modes 72 3 10
Noise (dBA) 55 0 72
Size (inch) 10.5 x 3.5 x 3.6 6.4 x 3.1 x 3.1 5.3 x 3.9 x 2.9

#1 Fleshy™ Thrust

9 out of 10
The Best Stroking Mode

#2 Fleshy™ 3-in-1

6 out of 10
The Best First Masturbator

#3 Autoblow

3 out of 10
Too expensive
Feature Fleshy™ Thrust Fleshy™ 3-in-1 Autoblow
Soft Silicone
Weight (kg) 0.79 0.4 1.4
Number of modes 72 3 10
Noise (dBA) 59 0 72
Size (inch) 10.5 x 3.5 x 3.6 6.4 x 3.1 x 3.1 5.3 x 3.9 x 2.9

How to Buy a Fleshy™ Thrust, Fleshy™ 3-in-1, or Autoblow

Buying one for yourself is easy.

Step 1: Visit GetFleshy.com and choose the right product, or visit Autoblow.com if you're looking for the autoblow.

Step 2: During checkout, you can either pay securely using a credit card or your existing PayPal account.

Step 3: All done! Enjoy fast 2 day shipping to anywhere in the continental US. Happy fapping!

Note:   The Fleshy™ products are not going to stay at these low prices for long. I guarantee you this. Bookmark getfleshy.com and check again in 4 months. If the prices haven't gone up I'll eat my own penis on camera.

Click to Go to GetFleshy.com

Whether you’re looking into male masturbators for the first time, or you’re looking to add some fun new toys to your already existing collection, you’re in the right place. You see, some guys are always the first to try out the newest burger joint in town, but I’m that guy who tries out the latest masturbator on the market. Personally, I find my hobby far more enjoyable – and I don’t have to worry about gaining a few extra pounds when pursuing my hobby.

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